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Software Development Accelerator

Today, technology is strategically important. However, many IT departments are stretched to their limits. Developing a new business application can be lengthy, costly and challenging. Get it right and the rewards can be significant. Get it wrong and your competitors might gain an unassailable lead on you.

The ccDevnet Data Access Server is designed specifically to reduce the workload on developers building native Windows, Apple iOS and Android applications. Our Data Access Server allows you to unify data access across multiple end user platforms. It offers you some unique benefits over the alternates, such as direct access to an SQL server. Your developers need no experience to create data-centric apps. The server can be deployed in minutes. Access to your vital business data is fast, reliable and completely secure. Developed using Microsoft C# managed code, this tried and trusted technology is already deployed across higher education, recruitment and utility sectors.


Saving You Time and Money

The ccDevnet Data Access Server provides the perfect platform for building desktop, browser and native mobile apps that give your office based and mobile workers access to all the data they need, instantly and securely. What’s more the Data Access Server can speed up the in-house development process by six months. This represents a huge saving of time, money and precious development resources. It also means that your people are properly equipped to compete and win business today rather than a year from now. Your new suite of enterprise applications can integrate with legacy and third party systems. Being built on our n-Tier or multitier architecture allows you to easily scale-up, modify and enhance your applications overtime. Learn more about n-Tier architecture.

The key benefits of our Data Access Server include:
Easy to deploy, easy to use
Faster software development
Reduce workload on overstretched internal IT
Significant time, resource and cost savings
Build native desktop, browser and mobile apps
Integrate with legacy and third party applications
Reliable, scalable, low latency, secure
More collaborative, productive, competitive workforce


Technical Overview

The ccDevnet Data Access Server is a powerful, easy to use software development platform. It can lift the burden on overstretched, under resourced IT departments by reducing the time, cost and complexity of building enterprise applications. Basically, this is how it works:


Like everything in business, we start with the client. For Windows desktop client development, we provide a comprehensive .NET, C# class library that is fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio that handles requests for data from your data sources via one or more ccDevnet Data Access Server, using TCP/IP.You can easily develop systems that offer the same look and feel as popular Windows applications such as Microsoft Office.
These class libraries handle all of the communication between the client and the middle tier, business logic servers, dramatically reducing the amount of development that your developers have to do.

This communication is resilient and can cope with any issues that arise such as a temporary loss of network connectivity as well as handling security and performance.

Browser-based and mobile clients can access the same data sources via the Data Access Server or they can access them directly.


As part of your project or product, you may install any number of Data Access Servers. These servers may perform the same function as your application grows in scale. Alternatively, they can provide a variety of different functions. For example, one server is dedicated to access files, another to access data from your SQL database and a third to access data coming from external feeds. You can also create server side objects that can be accessed by the client using the class libraries provided. This further enhances the ability of a designated server to take on different roles.
The Data Access Server is written entirely in C# .NET and can run on any Windows Platform that supports .NET 3.5 onwards.

Each server is controlled from a dashboard that the administrator can launch from the physical machine where the server is running as a service. From this control panel, the administrator can manage the service state while at the same time configuring access to the server file system or access to your chosen database. seperator


We currently provide support for access to server side files and Firebird and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Support for the Oracle database is in the pipeline. You may create support for other data sources using server side objects. seperator


Transactions between the client software and the Data Access Server are delivered compressed and encrypted. Login details for the database are held only by the Data Access Server and not known at client level. seperator

Minimal Training Required

A developer with no previous experience of building n-Tier systems can learn to work with the Data Access Server within hours of download. seperator

Take a Test Drive

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