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Data Access Server for Cloud Based Application Server Developments

Bespoke Software Development

There are many occasions when businesses find that off-the-shelf software applications simply do not deliver what they need. Bespoke (custom-made) software is written just for your business. It works the way you work. You’re not paying for lots of redundant features and left struggling to integrate it with your existing systems. Instead, you get a software application with the capacity to grow and change as your business needs evolve. Bespoke software solutions from ccDevnet are designed to make you a more efficient, productive and competitive organization.

We develop software that works the way you work.
We can integrate your new software with existing systems.
We build your software on Microsoft tried and trusted platforms.
We design your software for security, reliability, mobility and growth.

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Our Development Team

ccDevnet specialises in C# .NET development, a popular Microsoft platform for server and desktop applications. We also offer native Windows, Apple iOS and Android mobile app development. We build complex business applications on an n-Tier distributed architecture that enables rapid development and ensures your software is secure, reliable, scalable and robust.Our development is mainly done using the agile methodology. However, we also use the waterfall methodology for smaller projects with very clear, rigid requirements.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Our expert team builds native mobile applications (apps) for Windows, Apple iOS and Android. We see our job as enabling your remote workers to be more productive, collaborative and profitable. We work with you to understand and, where necessary, redesign business processes for the mobile worker. Our developers are capable of the most complex integration with legacy systems and third party applications such as CRM and ERP platforms. The results are powerful, secure, rigorously tested and quality assured mobile apps that deliver clear business results. mobile apps

Accelerate Software Projects

Technology is changing everything about the way we do business. However, UK businesses suffer from a chronic shortage of skilled IT people. As a result vital projects get delayed and cancelled. What’s the solution for overstretched IT departments? The ccDevnet Data Access Server is a critical software component that enables your in-house development team to build and deploy Windows server applications very rapidly.