Data Access Server for Cloud Based Application Server Developments

Bespoke Software Development and Application Server Tools

In today's harsh and competitive business environment it is essential that staff is provided with software applications that are fit for the purpose.

And to further ensure optimum performance from all staff, these applications need to be well-architected, scalable, stable, secure and future-proof.

Our bespoke software development staff combined with our generic application server component can help your IT Department deliver the ultimate solutions, in record time and within acceptable budgets. The Data Access Server is .net apps server written in c# for creating n-tier applications.

Application Server based Bespoke Software Development

N-Tier Apps Design Consultancy, Bespoke Software Development & Support

We offer a complete range of bespoke software development services, including analysis, design, development and support for solutions that require n-tiered native apps based on an application server framework.

  N-Tier Application Design:

Our n-tier application design consultants have a wealth of expertise in enterprise software architecture, business process engineering and user interface design. All critically important first steps in getting the final delivery right.

  Bespoke Software Development:

To ensure timely, cost-effective and well-documented delivery of bespoke software developments, we employ a well-balanced combination of onshore project managers and offshore software development resources with extensive experience in building application server based apps that run on Windows Server, Windows Workstation, iOS and Android devices.

  Tailored Services:

We provide a tailored range of software application maintenance, training and support services using our onshore and offshore resources to ensure optimised experience for your users.

Do you have a requirement that cannot be met with an off-the-shelf solution?

Does your requirement demand native client apps powered by an, n-tier, application server?

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A Generic Application Server Component to make light work of your bespoke software development

  Application Server Component:

The Data Access Server is an out-of-the-box application server or apps server software component. This provides developers with all that they need to quickly develop impressive, bespoke software applications that are fully scalable using an n-tier application server model. This flexible approach to application architecture means the final deployment can be within a tradition data centre, a hosted cloud or a public cloud.

  Application Server Solution:

The platform provides an application server which runs as a service on a Microsoft Windows Server and supports server side .net, c# objects. It is used as a buffer between the Windows Desktop, iOS and/or Android client software and the data on the server side. Developers are provided with a client side c#, .net library fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio which facilitates all of the communications between the client software and the remote database server or file management server via the Data Access Server.

  N-Tier Data Access:

Support for iOS and Android client apps is provided via REST API with JSON and the system provides support for Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird Database Server and access to the server side file management system.

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Data Access Server on an Application Server Cloud