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Data Access Server for Cloud Based Application Server Developments

Software that Works How You Work

Every business is different. That’s why we build custom software solutions that work the way you work. Our unique software solutions are designed to make you a more productive, more responsive, more profitable organisation.

  •   Our dual approach to software development makes it surprisingly affordable.
  •   We build Windows client-server, native mobile and MVC web apps.
  •   Our expert C# .NET developers and Agile coding methods mean rapid software delivery.
  •   We can integrate your new software with existing systems.
  •   Rigorous testing throughout development means the quality of your software is assured.
  •   Because your business is dynamic we build software that is reliable, scalable and secure.

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Tried and Tested

ccDevnet has proven track record of building software solutions for higher education, recruitment and energy while our IT consultants have extensive experience within banking, finance, insurance and mining.

Software Consultancy


The first step to successful software development is doing your homework and having a solid plan. ccDevnet offers you a complete software consultancy service. Our highly experienced team of IT consultants, business analysts and project managers can help you make those critically important business decisions such as do you buy an off-the-shelf software package or build your own bespoke application.

The ccDevnet consulting team will ensure your IT project is feasible, complete a detailed requirements study, design a bespoke software solution and create a realistic development plan. Our IT consultants can also help get wayward projects back on track and budgets under control.


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Software Development

Onshore Project Management

ccDevnet takes a dual approach to software development, which ensures you receive the best possible service at the most competitive price. We manage every job locally with UK based IT professionals such as business analysts, software architects and project managers.

Offshore C# .NET Developers

All software coding is performed offshore by one of our dedicated teams of C# .NET developers. ccDevnet builds Windows client, server-side, native mobile and MVC web applications. Our native mobile app developers specialise in Apple iOS and Android.

We use the latest agile development methods and our own n-Tier architecture to build robust, scalable and secure applications, quickly and affordably.

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