Data Access Server

Licencing Overview

Each installation of the Data Access Server needs to be licenced. Licences are sold in packs as Pack10, Pack100, Corporate Pack and SME/Educational Pack. The full source code is available as a separate optional purchase with the Corporate Pack.
  • Pack10: You can licence up to 10 installations with this pack.
  • Pack100: You can licence up to 100 installations with this pack.
  • Corporate Pack: You can licence an unlimited number of installations with this pack.
  • SME/Educational Pack: You can licence an unlimited number of installations with this pack, however you must be either a business with less than 25 staff or you must be an educational establishment.

The initial installation defaults to trial mode using the standard installation available from the “Download” page and licenced by entering the purchased licence key into the Data Access Server’s control panel. Alternatively, the Data Access Server along with the key can be included within your application setup using the API provided.

There is no limit to the number of users that can use any one installation of the server.

Licences can only be used as a part of a project or as a component of your software application product and can’t not be sold as a standalone product.

Each licence pack purchase includes free upgrades and support for a period of three month following the date or purchase.

If you have already purchased a pack or an upgrade from one of our business partners, you will need to register this purchase with us so we can provide support and upgrades. Click here to register your purchase from a partner

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Purchase Licences

Product Price (GBP) Action
New Purchase    
   Pack10 2,995.00 Buy
   Pack100 9,995.00 Buy
   Corporate Pack Price on Application
   Corporate Pack with Source Code Price on Application
   SME/Educational Pack Price on Application
Annual Support/Upgrades Policy    
   For an existing Pack10 1,495.00 Buy
   For an existing Pack100 4,995.00 Buy
   For an Existing Corporate Pack Price on Application
   For an Existing Corporate Pack with Source Code Price on Application
   For an SME/Educational Pack Price on Application