cc Devnet Data Access Server Released

30 December 2013

cc Devnet Ltd is pleased to announce the release of its Data Access Server. This is aimed at enterprise software designers and developers who need a stable, well tested, application server or apps server framework to use for creating robust n-tier bespoke software developments running on Microsoft Windows.

The Data Access Server Platform provides the developer with all the components they need to quickly develop impressive, scalable systems. The platform provides an application server which runs as a service on a Microsoft Windows Server and supports server side objects. This is used as a buffer between the client software and the data on the server side. Developers are provided with a client side c#, .net library fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio which facilitates all of the communications between the client software and the remote database or file management system via the Data Access Server. The system provides support for Microsoft SQL Server, Firefox Database Server and access to the server side file management system. One the client side, as well as support for native Windows Applications, the system also provides support for iOS and Android devices.

The system is priced competitively for each of its target audiences. The platform can be distributed by the developers to the end customer as a part of their overall software release. Each licence allows for a number of installations of the Data Access Server into runtime environments.
cc Devnet offers the following licence bundles:
a) The 10 Pack can be used for up to 10 runtime installations and is priced at £495.
b) The 100 Pack can be used for up to 100 run-time installations and is priced at £2,995.
c) The Corporate Pack allows for an unlimited number of run-time installations and is priced at £5,995.
d) The Corporate Pack with full source code is priced at £9,995.

To facilitate the use of the platform in the educational sector and to allow small software companies developing shareware applications at a low cost, the company offers a SME/Educational Pack, priced at just £395 for unlimited installations.

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