Demand for Native Apps dominates Browser based Apps

26 March 2014

Paradigm shifts are frequent in the technology sector but never more so then the shift from browser based apps to native apps.

It was not so long ago when everyone was busy moving or planning to move their business applications to the browser. championed this movement with the phenomenal success of their browser based product.

Apple put the brakes on this with the launch of the iPhone. Few will argue that the success of the iPhone should be attributed to Apple’s decision to not only deliver a unique, well-engineered product but also and critically to provide developers with the tools they need to produce and release fantastic native apps.

The public loved the initial apps that were on offer, fuelling developers to deliver more and more and more.

There are now over a million apps available for iOS and Android.

Microsoft also recognised that users now demand native apps and hurried through the release of a new Windows platform centred on native apps available thought it’s Windows Store and launched from its new tile based front end.

However there is still nothing to compete with browser based system for the speed of development for scalable, data-centric apps.

That is until now.

A UK based software company called cc Devnet Ltd, has released a component for software developers called the Data Access Server (a generic application server). This empowers developers to create data-centric native applications at the same speed and scalability as browser based systems but with easier scalability and additionally security and of course offering users the rich content experience that only native apps can offer.

The cc Devnet Data Access Server provides client side support for iOS, Android and Windows Desktop clients and SQL Server, Firebird Server and server side files for the back end.

The company is offering a trail copy from their own website ( ) and from

About cc Devnet:
cc Devnet Ltd is global software business with offices in the UK, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Pakistan and India. Its flagship product is the Data Access Server that makes it easy for developers to create data-centric native Windows, iOS and Android apps. It also offer consultancy on n-tier software architecture and provides Bespoke Software Development services.

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