Law firms have gone through some tough times recently. First, demand for legal services collapsed following the financial crisis. Next, the Legal Services Act ushered in a more liberal marketplace. The removal of civil legal aid has also had a detrimental effect on many smaller firms. Today, law firms must adapt quickly to a constantly changing situation or be overtaken. Firms must work smarter and harder to retain the loyalty of existing clients and innovate to attract new business.

Technology is becoming increasingly important for law firms. It helps them improve client services, increase revenue generation, drive greater efficiency and reduce operating costs. There are already numerous practice management, case management, customer relationship management (CRM), billing and expense management systems available. There are also software applications designed to automate legal tasks and activities. Investment in systems that automate repetitive processes means that practitioners can offer faster, better, cheaper client services.

ccDevnet develops robust, extremely secure desktop, web and mobile applications that enable lawyers to be more responsive, collaborative and productive. This productivity and efficiency translates into better client experiences and improved bottom line. We can also unify disparate internal systems that currently operate in isolation, and extend their usefulness beyond the office onto secure mobile apps. To learn more about ccDevnet’s software development services for legal contact us now.

The key benefits of ccDevnet software for law firms include:
Augment internal IT with specialist skills and consultancy
Accelerate projects: pre-built business logic and database components
Systems integration
Bespoke desktop, web and mobile applications
Secure, custom database systems
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

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